Although deer antler spray "pantocrin" is regarded as the supreme primal tonic for adult men, in Russia it is broadly recommended for ladies, especially in dealing with menstrual problems and decreasing the outcomes of menopause.

Western medicine encourages hormonal substitute treatment (HRT) for gals at menopause, which administers lower doses of oestrogen to females in purchase to compensate for the extraordinary fall in the amount of oestrogen getting produced by the ovaries. It is a contentious therapy, with studies displaying that in the brief expression HRT may treat the depleting results of menopause but as studies display, it may well unleash considerably increased health dangers this kind of as thrombosis and uterine cancer afterwards in lifetime.

Gals trying to find a lot less invasive approaches to appropriate hormonal troubles throughout menopause, which can be a time of intensive bodily and psychological distress, may possibly be delighted to come across out that in Russia pantocrin and rantarin [deer velvet extracts] are formally suggested for menopausal difficulties, as nicely as for delayed and abnormal menstrual cycles.

Fulder states, "Pantocrin [deer antler spray] was decided as currently being very valuable in diminished sexual function and menopausal problems of circulation, in melancholy and psychological challenges, and soreness in the joints." Fulder carries on that some of the menopausal girls medicated in this way with deer velvet even started to menstrate.

Brekhman stated: "A range of studies specially pressured the therapeutic influence of pantocrin [antler velvet extract] in various varieties of sexual intercourse-relevant disorders in men and females, in particular related with climacteric syndrome."

Ladies taking deer velvet have noted decreased signs or symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome, even to the level where intervals come about with no pain. They have also noted heightened sexual desire, an intensity of erotic desires, and a feeling of becoming in contact with reserves of vital energy. This makes deer velvet a extremely fascinating sexual intercourse tonic for females.

Although Pantocrin [antler velvet extract] administered to juvenile male mice induced an enlargement of their reproductive glands, related experiments were carried out in Russia by Brekhman and Taneyeva to research the gonadotrophic action of pantocrin on female mice. From these experiments an boost was verified in the fat of the intercourse glands of the studied mice. and also an increased rely of oestrus cycles.

Whether the effect is on guy or lady, deer antler spray seems to have a substantial strengthening and balancing impact on the hormones. As Teeguarden states, "pantocrin has been confirmed to be helpful to fat burning capacity, to the heart, central anxious system and mind, to the reproductive process."

For 1000's of yrs Chinese women have been prescribed deer antler velvet for minimal libido and "female reproductive debility". Chinese females use antler velvet to improve fertility, then although expecting to enhance the wellbeing of mom and child. They consider deer velvet in the course of childbirth to help in the baby's shipping, and afterwards as a general tonic to boost breast delicate manufacturing and restore and rejuvenate the mother's power and overall health.

In mix with normal herbal blood tonics like dong quai, deer velvet is an essential addition to the woman's pharmacopeia.One more good news that now you can buy deer antler spray on internet as well